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Diapers Mulimi M 6-11kg 46pcs

Diapers Mulimi M 6-11kg 46pcs
Diapers Mulimi M 6-11kg 46pcs
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Diapers Mulimi M 6-11kg 46pcs

We present to your attention a novelty in the world of nappies For the first time in Europe, one of a kind (unique) Mulimi nappies! The Mulimi brand is not just a sonorous name in a beautiful package - it is a new generation of nappies, manufactured using the most modern technologies in compliance with all quality criteria approved by dermatologists.

• Inner layer-the unique absorbent layer of Mulimi nappies, made from environmentally friendly fabrics, allows moisture to be absorbed many times faster. An exclusive moisturizing formula designed specifically for the needs of baby skin. Prevents the development of bacterial flora and neutralizes the appearance of unpleasant odors.

• Outer layer-every mother wants her baby to be comfortable. Mulimi took care of that too! Improved manufacturing technology made it possible to make the nappies thin without affecting the quality. The breathable upper provides enhanced air circulation. Even after several hours of wearing, the baby's skin will breathe, thereby preventing redness and irritation, as well as keeping the diaper surface dry. A full indicator and reusable Velcro straps make it easy to determine when it's time to change a diaper. For maximum convenience, use the numbers on the waistband to help secure the Velcro symmetrically. Double side-cuffs and having increased elasticity, fit snugly to the baby's legs, preventing leakage. Elastic rubber band will allow even the most active baby to feel comfortable! Diapers "Mulimi":

● versatile, suitable for both girls and boys;

● prevents redness and breakouts;

● antiallergic;

● made from ecological materials;

● "Breathable" layer, promotes more active air circulation;

● full indicator;

● reusable velcro with a scale for correct attachment;

● elastic waist and cuffs to prevent leaks;

● keep baby's skin dry, up to 12 hours.

 For every mother, the health and safety of her baby are the main quality criteria! The Brillante company takes care of the peace of mind of the mother and the health of the baby, very carefully selecting the products offered. In cooperation with Mulimi, we give you the opportunity to get to know the new brand and purchase diaper samples! Detailed information about this can be obtained on our main page or by contacting our consultants.

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