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MOONY diapers NATURAL, S 4-8kg 58pcs.

MOONY diapers NATURAL, S 4-8kg 58pcs.
MOONY diapers NATURAL, S 4-8kg 58pcs.
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MOONY diapers NATURAL, S 4-8kg 58pcs.

We offer to try Moony diapers for parents who are just getting acquainted with the concept of organic hygiene products for babies. It is the product offered by MOONY that can help to better understand the principle of Japanese diapers, based on naturalness, comfort and application of the latest technologies in a rather niche market. This is what helps to create a unique experience for babies and their parents. Moony diapers are divided according to the sex of the child to ensure maximum absorption in the areas from which urination occurs.

Moony diapers for an active and energetic baby - the "rounded shape" ensures that there are no leaks.

New Natural diaper technology - healthier material and more freedom for your baby!

Made from organic cotton;

The outer breathable layer of the diaper;

Diapers have a wide, flexible, perfectly absorbent layer;

Diapers do not leave marks, do not restrict movements, do not press on the stomach or stomach;

The double protective layer prevents leakage, but does not cause inconvenience to the user;

Diapers have an indicator that shows when it's time to change them;

Made in Japan based on many years of experience.

In the set: 58 pcs.

Size: 4-8kg

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